About Ios

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Ios (also locally known as Nios), is a beautiful Aegean island with golden sandy beaches surrounding many hills and traditional Aegean architecture. Ios is between the islands Naxos and Santorini, thus making it a perfect island for island-hopping .
 The harbor of Ios, Yialos, is where the Port is located and is the first place you will arrive at with the boat,  there you will find many restaurants and cafes. Following up the street or the ‘donkey path’ (a 10 min.  walk up) is the village of Ios, called Chora. This is where all the night life is as it is full of bars, clubs and restaurants and beautiful shops. From Chora you’re lead down to Mylopotas beach. A different direction from Chora leads to Apano Campo, an agricultural area of Ios and various other beautiful beaches such as St. Theodoti and Manganari. 
In the past, Ios has been a popular touristic destination, mostly attracting younger travelers as it has been known as a party island. However, nowadays the island is attracting more and more family oriented travelers as the island provides beautiful quiet places and not only  party going scenes, which takes place mostly in Mylopotas area and Chora. Apart from the island’s beautiful beaches and nightlife, Ios has many other places which are worth seeing, such as: 

  • The excavation site of a pro-Cycladic settlement at Skarkos (a place in the valley of Ios), which is the oldest excavation settlement in the Cyclades. 
  • The archeological museum of Ios, which hosts exhibits from the above settlement, located in Chora.
  • The open air amphitheater ‘Odysseus Elitis’, which has a breathtaking view of the Aegean.
  • Homers Tomb, which is located at the Northern side of Ios.
  • The recently restored Lighthouse in the Port. 
  • The ancient town walls that surround Chora. 

And there are many more other places to visit, while you are on holidays in Ios. 

Overall, Ios has become an ideal island for travelers whether they are seeking to enjoy fun nightlife, relaxation on beaches, learn about history or just to unwind in a quiet place.
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